The light of a postpartum doula can have a profound impact on those first few months postpartum.
A doula offers gentle support to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

The primary role of a doula is to assure that the new mother is taken care of so that she can focus on caring for and bonding with her baby.   A doula may also work with partners and children on how to support the mother – both mentally and physically.

A doula is trained in the postpartum adjustment period, newborn characteristics and development, infant care and the importance of parent-baby bonding. A doula facilitates the new mother’s recovery from pregnancy and birth and helps set the foundation for a wondrous beginning.


Studies have shown that women who had a doula reported:
A more successful experience with breastfeeding
A better sense of maternal infant connection
Less postpartum depression and anxiety

I  WILL . . .

Assist the mother and her partner in creating and bringing forward their wishes for the postpartum period.

Provide continuous informational, emotional and physical support throughout our time together.

Give appropriate referrals if desired.

I  WILL  NOT . . .

Discourage the mother or partner from any of their choices.

Make decisions for you or your partner but will help get the information needed so you are able to make informed decisions.

Preform medical tasks such as exams.