Naomi Willow is an avid writer, a passionate photographer and a dedicated yogi. Through years of experience working with mamas, babies and the community that supports them, intuitive insight and natural nurturing are key components in her work with clients. As a postpartum doula, Naomi empowers her clients to lean in to their experience with their heart first and not be afraid to let go. Naomi guides those she works with on a journey of creation, nourishment and growth.

Naomi believes in adventures – the big ones and the little ones too. Although she is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her passion for working with mamas and babies has taken her to countries such as Malaysia, Morocco and South Korea. She believes that receiving continuous postpartum education around the globe can have a powerful impact on mothers everywhere. Through her work with clients, she learns just as much as she coaches.

Naomi is an extroverted introvert who soars with the energy of others but grounds herself in solitude. Immersing herself in natures true wonders brings to life new thoughts, experiences and little reminders to stay present. She incorporates nature in her work with clients in hopes that the mental and physical benefits will compliment their journey. Naomi is committed to assisting you in creating an informative postpartum plan, nourishing you so you can better nourish your baby and growing a space to truly just be as you are in each moment.

Naomi Willow


First Aid, CPR and AED Certification – Berkeley, California
DONA Birth Doula Training Workshop – Alameda, California
Breastfeeding Support 101 for Birth Professionals – Alameda, California
DONA Postpartum Doula Training Workshop – Alameda, California
The NAFSA Project School: Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Doula Training – Marrakech, Morocco

Naomi was my postpartum doula and I don’t know if I could have transitioned so well without her. She taught me all about baby-care to what self-care truly means after giving birth. Naomi is more than a postpartum doula but a caring confidante who continuously went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of.

Nicole - Oakland, CA